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About Ed

Hi, I’m Ed! an Orlando based commercial and wedding photographer. I love what I do. I mean, I REALLY love what I do. How did I get here?

Gee…Where to begin!

How about a mantra that my dad used to and still preaches to this day, “Time is of the Essence.” You see, time really is the most valuable thing we have in the world. Money spent can be earned back… but time spent is gone forever.

Maybe it’s this same ideology that’s had me drop everything in pursuit of my dreams, which brought me here, writing this little autobiography for my own photography website!

I’ve always liked pictures… much more than words, anyhow, but I remember the first time I really started liking to TAKE pictures was on my first cruise. For anyone that really knows me, I REALLY like food. No, I’m not one of those legit foodies who can taste anything and tell you what it’s made of and how to make it, but I REALLY like to consume it… ALL. Anyway, I was just blown away by the presentation of the the smoked salmon roses, carrot dragons, watermelon dolphins, and then the WONDROUS FLAVORS IN MY MOUTH!!! I had to capture it all for forever and ever.

I’ve had the good fortune of traveling quite a bit with the family and without since that first cruise, and everywhere I went, I’d be sure to have my camera at my side snapping away at the landscapes, the people, the architecture, and, of course, the food. At first, I must admit, that my motives weren’t purely for the preservation of precious memories, but to incite RAGING envy in my friends and loved ones. HAHAHA, I really wanted to share all the cool and fun things that I was so lucky to experience!

Years and years of capturing wonderful and beautiful memories later, I’ve become passionate about photography and taking the beauty and emotion of today and turning into the art of tomorrow.

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